Why should you have Life Insurance before Hari Raya Aidilfitri?

Hari Raya AidilFitri

Why should you have Life Insurance before Hari Raya Aidilfitri?

I have met many prospects throughout Ramadhan, many of them interested to have Prudential Life Insurance + Medical Card but giving an excuse to hold it after Raya.

They said financially is tight now due to Raya preparation. Baju raya, servicing vehicle before long journey and etc.

But I said to them, “Don’t you want to feel safe and secure for your Balik Kampung journey if you covered with insurance? ” . They replied yes.

I ask them again ” Won’t you regret is something bad happen to you or your family during Balik Kampung journey as now you have opportunity to have an insurance and you know insurance will protect you? “. They replied they will regret.

“But, my I don’t have money now, after Raya I sure will take an insurance from you” my prospect said.

then, I explain to them as below and immediately sign for an insurance.

Please make sure you and your family covered with insurance during Balik Kampung journey. Take an insurance now and in 24hours you are covered and have peace of mind during raya festival.

After raya, I will sent policy to you and you have 14days to accept or reject the policy. If you reject the policy, you will get refund. My responsible as agent, to make sure people  have an insurance to protect them in case of something bad happen. Specially on Hari Raya.

Many of us, think to hassle to get an insurance before Raya and will consider to have it after Raya. Hari Raya is the most dangerous day in Malaysia calendar, many accident and death cases reported. Why you delay getting an insurance when you know you will entering the most risky duration in Hari raya itself.


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